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On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 06:11:18PM +0200, Mikael Olofsson wrote:
> Is this simply a Windows-issue that cannot easily be solved? Or is it 
> possibly so that this just happens to be a problem on a few 
> ill-configured computers? Or am I possibly blind?

Here's a section from the menu(n) manpage for Tcl.

It would appear that the font for the menubar is one of the things which
happens 'according to the interface guidelines of their platforms' on
win32-family systems.

       Any  menu  can  be set as a menubar for a toplevel window (see toplevel
       command for syntax). On the Macintosh,  whenever  the  toplevel  is  in
       front,  this menu's cascade items will appear in the menubar across the
       top of the main monitor. On Windows and Unix, this menu's items will be
       displayed  in a menubar accross the top of the window. These menus will
       behave according to the interface guidelines of  their  platforms.  For
       every  menu set as a menubar, a clone menu is made. See the CLONES sec-
       tion for more information.

       As noted, menubars may behave differently on different platforms.   One
       example  of this concerns the handling of checkbuttons and radiobuttons
       within the menu.  While it is permitted to put these menu  elements  on
       menubars,  they may not be drawn with indicators on some platforms, due
       to system restrictions.

On Windows, the font used for the menu can be ajusted by the user for all
applications (except those which go out of their way to ignore the user's
preferences) using the Display item in Control Panel.

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