py2exe 0.6.1 released

Thomas Heller theller at
Tue Sep 6 08:23:24 CEST 2005

bokr at (Bengt Richter) writes:

> On Mon, 05 Sep 2005 21:55:19 +0200, Thomas Heller <theller at> wrote:
>>    * py2exe can now bundle binary extensions and dlls into the
>>      library-archive or the executable itself.  This allows to
>>      finally build real single-file executables.
>>      The bundled dlls and pyds are loaded at runtime by some special
>>      code that emulates the Windows LoadLibrary function - they are
>>      never unpacked to the file system.
> So py2exe is windows-only (like exe ;-) or is there a py2elf or
> py2coff or such?

py2exe is windows only.  But, there are also (in no particular order)
PyInstaller, cx_Freeze, py2app, exemaker, freeze.

>>      This part of the code is distributed under the MPL 1.1, so this
>>      license is now pulled in by py2exe.
> Mozilla?

Has nothing to do with Mozilla directly, it is just that parts of the
code are licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1.

I'm not too happy with this, but I have other things to do than to
rewrite software relased under the MPL just to release it under a more
liberal license (although I have considered that, and I certainly would
not reject a contribution ;-).


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