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bruno modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Wed Sep 28 13:30:49 CEST 2005

Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen wrote:
> I am slowly learning Python and I'm already starting to write some minor
> modules for myself. Undoubtedly there are better modules available
> either built-in or 3rd party that do the same as mine and much more but
> I need to learn it one way or another anyway.
> What I'm wondering about is module organization.
> I created my own directory for storing my modules and added the full
> path to this to PYTHONPATH (Windows XP platform).
> This means that "import modulename" works for my modules now.
> However, the name of my module is "db" or "database", a module name that
> will likely conflict with other modules I might encounter later.
> As such, I was thinking of doing the same that the "distutils" set of
> modules have done, by creating a subdirectory and storing them there, so
> I created a "lvk" directory in that directory of mine and moved the
> module in there, but now "import lvk.modulename" doesn't find the module.

What you want is a package:

> Is there a trick to this? Do I have to store my own modules beneath
> C:\Python24\Lib? or can I use the organization I've tried just with some
> minor fixes to make python locate my modules?

briefly put, add an (even empty) file in your lvk directory,
and it should work fine (minus potential import problems in your
modules, but that should be easy to fix...)

bruno desthuilliers
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