another time challenge

Eddie Corns eddie at
Thu Sep 29 13:27:54 CEST 2005

nephish at writes:

>Hey there pythoneers

>i have another question about time, specifically, the mxDateTime
>i have been able to get a RelativeDateTimeDiff between two times,
>it gives me a difference between two DateTimes in the form of +3days
>+2hours etc...

>so, if i have a date that is 6 days and 6 hours from another day,
>it will give me Days+6, hours+5.

>what i need is something like 6.4 days or close to it.
>is there an easy way to convert this ?

>if not i can write up something to do the math.

>i guess i am just looking for a cleaner shortcut.

You could extract the hours,mins,secs part to a DateTimeDelta which supports
float() and just divide that into 86400.0.


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