Finding where to store application data portably

Robert Kern rkern at
Wed Sep 21 01:10:57 CEST 2005

Tony Houghton wrote:
> I'm using pygame to write a game called Bombz which needs to save some
> data in a directory associated with it. In Unix/Linux I'd probably use
> "~/.bombz", in Windows something like
> "C:\Documents And Settings\<user>\Applicacation Data\Bombz".
> There are plenty of messages in the archives for this group about how to
> find the correct location in Windows, but what about Mac OS? There I
> don't know the correct location for this sort of thing at all. And there
> are other, more obscure systems like RISC OS (it may not have pygame but
> it definitely has python). Surely this is something that's crying out
> for an official function in os or sys.

On OS X, the data should probably go to
~/Library/Application Support/Bombz/

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