Why do Pythoneers reinvent the wheel?

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Sat Sep 10 18:35:37 CEST 2005

Stefano Masini <stefano at pragma2000.com> writes:
> It would be great if there was a section in the Python manual like this:
> "Quick and Dirty: Commonly needed tricks for real applications"
> 1. odict
> 2. file system management
> 3. xml (de)serialization
> 4. ...
> Each section would describe the problem and list one or a few
> recommended implementations. All available under __testing_stdlib__.
> Appoint somebody as the BDFL and make the process of updating the
> testing stdlib democratic enough to allow for more evolution freedom
> than the stable stdlib.

Why are you reinvinting the wheel?

Things that are very similar to this already exist. There are a number
of code repositories/listings around - PyPI being the obvious example,
because it's linked to from python.org. The Python cookbook site is
closer to what you're talking about, though.

And the latter reveals the problem with your suggestion - this
"section" would pretty much outweigh the rest of the
documentation. Clearly, it should be a separate book - but we've
already got that.

However, a list of these isn't in the manual. The only thing I could
find was a page on the Wiki about "How to publish a module". That
doesn't seem likely to be found by someone trying to find code.

I think the manual does need a section on how to find code other than
the library. But where do you put it?

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