Question about concatenation error

colonel thecamel at
Wed Sep 7 18:34:25 CEST 2005

I am new to python and I am confused as to why when I try to
concatenate 3 strings, it isn't working properly. 

Here is the code:

import string
import sys
import re
import urllib

linkArray = []
srcArray = []
website = sys.argv[1]

urllib.urlretrieve(website, 'getfile.txt')           

filename = "getfile.txt"                            
input = open(filename, 'r')                          
reg1 = re.compile('href=".*"')                       
reg3 = re.compile('".*?"')                           
reg4 = re.compile('http')                            
Line = input.readline()                             

while Line:                                          
    searchstring1 =                
    if searchstring1:                                
        rawlink =              
        link =          
        link2 = link.split('"')                      
        cleanlink = link2[1:2]                       
        fullink =
        if fullink:
            cleanlink2 = str(website) + "/" + str(cleanlink)
    Line = input.readline()                                   

print linkArray

I get this:


instead of this:


The concatenation isn't working the way I expected it to.  I suspect
that I am screwing up by mixing types, but I can't see where...

I would appreciate any advice or pointers.


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