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keithlackey keithlackey at deegroup.com
Thu Sep 15 13:20:11 CEST 2005

Ok I got a really great system tray script working. 
It's based off the pysystray script.
which is based on the SysTrayIcon script.
which is just based on the win32gui_menu script.
Point is that all of us are basing are scripts on someone else's work.
Anyways, my script adds some of the functionality that was lost through all
the conversions. like I added separators, checkboxes, radio buttons, and can
use bmp back into there too. I also added some functions to restart the menu
so that you can have the menus change when you click on an action.
Ok on to the real question. 
I want to be able to rip off a menu or a submenu from this menu system. I
don't know if anyone has used Maya. but they have a really great feature
where you can rip off any drop down menu. really great if you have to do a
lot of function from set of menus and don't want to keep pulling the drop
down menu down.
I guess I could create a separate TKinter window  for this, and recreate all
the menu options as buttons. but how do I keep this menu or window above
other windows. I want use this menu while I'm working in other software
packages so the window needs to be on top of the rest. 
I would like to try and make a new windows popup and make it so that it cant
be hidden: kinda like what this guy does on accident here.
but I cant figure out what he is doing that is making his menu not disappear
when you click outside his menu.
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