My First Python Script

Ed Hotchkiss edhotchkiss at
Fri Sep 16 05:33:21 CEST 2005

So I have a script, first part of a script that I am making to determine 
each possible combination of IP addresses that are out there.
 This part is just to get the end of the IP (the last 3 digits). So, they 
are from 0 - 255. I just want to print 0 - 255, HOWEVER
 If the number is only say ... 3, then I want mySet to be 003, not 3. I need 
to add the zeros to the front. 
My code is below - I guess that there is something to do with my variable 
types etc. I am not used to the way that Python handles variable types so I 
am kind of lost, can anyone help ...
# Script to Evaluate every possible IP Address Combo

# 9/15/05

def ZeroThrough255():

x = 0

while x <= 255:

if len(x) == 1:

mySet = '00' + str(x)

elif len(x) == 2:

mySet = '0' + str(x)


mySet = x

print mySet

x +=1 


The file is also attached.

edward hotchkiss
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