Shed Skin under Windows and OSX

Mark Dufour mark.dufour at
Sun Sep 18 22:10:36 CEST 2005

> *** success: small factorization program by Rohit Krishna Kumar 124
> *** no failures, yay!
> :)
> Well done. So what was causing that crash in test '__class__ and
> __name__ attributes' after all?

Well, I did something like this:

class_ c(..);
class_ *cp = &c;

class list {
    list() {  
        this->class = cp;

constant_list = new list(..);

Now, depending on the order of things, I think this->class became
somewhat undefined. In any case, putting all initializations in the
right order in an initialization function called from main() fixed the

The problem with test 85 was that it should not actually be passed to
g++, since it is indeed incorrect code :-) However, because of some
bug in, on sys.platform 'win32' g++ would always be called.

Thanks again for your help. Your Makefile made it very easy for me to
create a Windows package. I'm glad to learn about Mingw too.. very

> I'll also try to test it on Win98.

I think you said the GC wouldn't work in this case..? Anyway, I've had
my share of Windows for a while.. I would be really glad if somebody
else could look into this.. :)

Have you tried compiling any code of your own yet..?


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