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. on-line tutorials?
hundreds of e-books sorted by subtopic
-- Python Newbies should visit our Python411 Podcast Series Page
-- Python for Mobile Devices

Table of Contents [rearranged]

*Beginners (12+) [and the *Grimoire*
-- How to Perform Common Programming Tasks]
*Testing, Test Driven Programming and Unit Test (3)*

[ beginner`s topic#1: platform choice ]:
*Editors and IDE's (7)*
*Jython (8)* [python -> bytecode for java`s virtual machine]
*Mac and Apple (13)*

*Reference (10)*

*Beginners (12+) [and the *Grimoire*
-- How to Perform Common Programming Tasks]

Python Grimoire
The Grimoire is different and deserves a category unto itself
. It is a book of magic spells and incantations,
or How to Perform Common Programming Tasks in Python.

Alan Gauld's "Learning to Program"
Start here if you a complete newbie to programming

Joe Useless Writes a Program
It doesn't get any easier than this ;-)))

Batteries Included
Useless Python's Short Tutorial on Modules

Josh Cogliatti's Tutorial 
A great tutorial for newbie's to start with!

What to do on day one
using the built-in IDLE IDE 
including translations into several languages

The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python
by Aaron Watters

Python, Anyone? 
by Robert Richardson

Python for Newbies
David Borowitz

General Python Tutorial from TechWarehouse
<http://www.techiwarehouse.com/Python/Python_Tutorial.html> by David Mertz

Python 101 -- Beginning Python by Dave Kuhlman

Python for Fun
an Exellent collection of small Python programs for learning

HowTo: Python Programming in Gnumeric

Python Imaging Handbook and Tutorial
PIL Handbook from PythonWare

PyMedia Tutorial
PyMedia is a module for manipulating
wav, mp3, ogg, avi, divx, dvd, cdda and etc. files

Date and Time Usage for Python

Scripting OpenOffice with Python

MozPython, Python for Mozilla

GraphPath for analysing graph-structured data,especially RDF 

Sorting with Python
by Andrew Dalke

Algorithm Education Using Python

*Testing, Test Driven Programming and Unit Test (3)*

De-Bugging Python, a Tutorial

Test Driven Development in Python
a Tutorial from O'Reilly's OnLamp Python Development Center added
December 7, 2004

Agile Testing
Articles and Tutorials

*Editors and IDE's (7)*

Eclipse Integratuion: Using Eclipse as an Editor for Python

Python Development with Eclipse and Ant
from IBM DeveloperWorks, an excellent tutorial added December 7, 2004

Python Development with Eclipse
a good tutorial with helpful screenshots

SPE Tutorial 
a Tutorial about SPE, an IDE for Python added December 7, 2004

Tutorial about IDLE

Python and Emacs 

Leo Tutorials 

*Jython (8)* [python -> bytecode for java`s virtual machine]

Jython Tutorials, Parts One and Two
scroll down to click on pdf files:
Excellent! --added October 31, 2004

Advanced Server side Programming in Jython

Jython Tutorial Examples

Writing Threaded Applications in Jython

Jython and Swing
Useless Python's Short Tutorial on Jython and Swing

Jython Bibliography 

Jython Webapp Tutorial

How to Make Java Servlets with Jython

*Mac and Apple (13)*

Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python

MacPython Documentation

wxPython OS X Issues

scripting AppleScriptable Applications with Python
instead of with AppleScript; 
very useful for Mac OS X users, added February 8, 2005

Introduction to PyObjC

PyObjC Tutorial 

Start Cocoa with PyObjC

a pdf file from PyCon2005

Macintosh Library Modules 

Intro to Using PyObjC
Overcoming Newbie Hurdles when using Xcode and Interface Builder

Setting Up Mac OSX to run Python CGI's

Using Core Data with Python

Unit Testing Objective-C with Python

*Reference (10)*

the Effbot Guide to the Python Standard Library

Language Notes on Python

Python Quick Reference 
A Python online reference in several different formats, including clickable

Python Style Guide 
by Guido van Rossum

Official Python Documentation
exhaustive documentation from the Python website

Python 2.3.4 Documentation 

Python Infrequently Answered Questions
by Peter Norvig, not a Tutorial, not exactly documentation, 
but an incredibly useful read...

Python "How-To's

Python Knowledge Base
an incredible database of answered questions

Bruce Eckel's Thinking in Python

American Dream Documents
"(real opportunity starts with real documentation)
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