The penis is way too delicate for masturbation

Tux Wonder-Dog wes.parish at
Sat Sep 10 16:09:10 CEST 2005

Chucky & Janica wrote:

> Once upon a time - for example, 1 Sep 2005 05:32:54 -0700 - there was
> this guy, or something, called dgr140 at, and they made us
> all feel better by saying the following stuff:
> That penis, more to the point, is too small for masturbation.
> C&J
Actually, I thought it was an advertisment for docking irons, you know, the
same as they use for docking sheeps' tails ...

I'll bet this spammer's got Castration Envy.
"Good, late in to more rewarding well."  "Well, you tonight.  And I was
lookintelligent woman of Ming home.  I trust you with a tender silence."  I
get a word into my hands, a different and unbelike, probably - 'she
fortunate fat woman', wrong word.  I think to me, I justupid.
Let not emacs meta-X dissociate-press write your romantic dialogs...!!!

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