Perl's documentation come of age

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Sep 21 13:35:29 CEST 2005

Rudy Schockaert wrote:
> <snip>
>     • Do think clearly before writing. 
> </snip>
> You should start thinking before you write something. Do you really 
> think anyone takes you serious the way you talk?
> I haven't seen anything constructive yet from your side. You always have 
> to comment, why don't you start writing documentation yourself if it 
> bothers you so much. Write it the way you think it should be written and 
> show the rest of the community you are capable of doing anything else 
> but fucking qwasting others peoples time.

1. Do not feed the trolls.

2. I offered $100 for a rewrite of the "re" documentation if he could 
persuade 5 regular readers of to tell me his version was 
superior. Emails received: 0. 'Nuff said :-)

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