what does 0 mean in MyApp(0)

Alex lidenalex at yahoo.se
Fri Sep 30 19:44:00 CEST 2005

Thanks for the replies. It seems that I have three options
1. app=MyApp()
2. app=MyApp(0)
3. app=MyApp('myfile.txt')

1. In the first case the output stream will be set to stdout/stderr,
which means that errors will be sent to a window which will be closed
when the app crashes.
2. In the second case the output will be set to the command prompt
window, which means that I will be able to catch the errors when my app
3. There is also a third alternative which is to set the output to  a

Alterbnative 2 is simple and useful, so that's why everybody use that

Is that correct?

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