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Scott David Daniels scott.daniels at
Mon Sep 26 16:25:25 CEST 2005

Bryan wrote:
> is there a rough estimate somewhere that shows currently how many python 
> 1.5 vs 2.2 vs 2.3 vs 2.4 users there are?  have a majority moved to 2.4? 
> or are they still using 2.3? etc...
> thanks,
> bryan

I'd bet the majority is still using 2.3:
   * 2.3 has been around a very long time;
   * 2.3 was installed by Apple on OS-X;
   * 2.3 was called Python-in-a-tie;
   * SciPy (Scientific Python) is still running on 2.3 on Windows
         (there is some issue with I/O in 2.4 builds).
   * Any Windows user with C code for python support modules
     must expend some non-trivial effort to get a compatible
     C compiler either by purchasing a VC 7.1 C/C++ compiler or
     by downloading the free version of that compiler and runtime
     environment and following instructions at:
     [The move needed to happen, but it slowed 2.4 uptake on Windows]

But, 2.3 is getting long-in-the-tooth.  I don't believe another
bugfix release of 2.3 is in the cards.

--Scott David Daniels
scott.daniels at

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