Can I compile Python for the web?

Terry Hancock hancock at
Sat Sep 24 04:15:00 CEST 2005

On Friday 23 September 2005 07:53 pm, Peter Hansen wrote:
> What you appear to be asking is if it's possible to create *native 
> machine code* from Python source in order to achieve a significant 
> increase in performance.  The short answer is "no, not really", and 
> longer answers include "yes, sort of, using something like Psyco", and 
> "who cares because it wouldn't give you much better performance for a 
> web-based application where you're probably either I/O-bound or limited 
> by the speed of the non-Python database solution you are using in the 
> first place?".

All pretty true of course, but I think I did read about some tests of
running Zope with psyco.  Zope uses a pretty massive amount of Python
code on each access, so there's probably a lot to optimize. Unfortunately
I don't remember what the results were.

But I'd recommend search the zope-user mailing list archives or just
google for "psyco"


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