An interesting python problem

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Sep 14 13:32:10 CEST 2005

Adriaan Renting wrote:
> In my mind all Python variables are some kind of "named pointers", I find that thinking this way helps me a lot in understanding what I'm doing. I know that this is not completely technically correct as in the first two examples there is actually a new a.i/a.arr created that shadows A.i, but thinking like this helps me. Are there fundamental flaws to think this way?
This is a very good way to think about it. Each name lives in a specific 
namespace, and the interpreter has a defined order of namespaces when it 
tries to resolve a name. But the data objects that the names point to 
live in what I like to think of as "object space", and in the CPython 
implementation are garbage collected when the last pointer to them is 
deleted (or, equivalently, goes out of scope).

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