Telephony project

Roger maxwell.roger at
Thu Sep 29 10:29:14 CEST 2005

     Thanks for all the helpful postings!  A clearer specification for
my project is that the CALLER speaks directly to list_member.  And
enters, thru GUI checkbox(s), answering: r_u_ok?; Send chuch member to
visit list_member; call Social Worker, help needed, etc. An important
element is to verify that the elderly member has been called.  When,
and by whom.  And if additional care, contact is needed.
     After reading replys I think I can do all Python work.  I'm
looking at pySerial to manage the phone calls.    The s/w needs to be
GUI, ez to use (elderly volunteers) and work on donated (read 'old')
hardware.  Thank you all for your advice, pointers, and suggestions.  rm

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