cElementTree clear semantics

D H no at spam
Mon Sep 26 00:29:10 CEST 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Paul Boddie wrote:
>>Regardless of anyone's alleged connection with Boo or newsgroup
>>participation level, the advice to contact the package
>>author/maintainer is sound. It happens every now and again that people
>>post questions to comp.lang.python about fairly specific issues or
>>packages that would be best sent to mailing lists or other resources
>>devoted to such topics. It's far better to get a high quality opinion
>>from a small group of people than a lower quality opinion from a larger
>>group or a delayed response from the maintainer because he/she doesn't
>>happen to be spending time sifting through flame wars amidst large
>>volumes of relatively uninteresting/irrelevant messages.
> well, for the record, I strongly recommend people to post questions in
> public forums.  google is far more likely to pick up answers from mailing
> list archives and newsgroups than from the "I really should do something
> about all the mails in my support folder" part of my brain.

You run your own server and get plenty of paypal donations.  Why not run 
your own mailing list for support?  If not, see sourceforge or google 
groups: http://groups.google.com/groups/create?lnk=l&hl=en

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