Telephony project

aaron aaronyy at
Tue Sep 27 19:11:49 CEST 2005

It will be much easier to use asterisk, there's a win32 version aterisk 
available but it does not support hardware phone, voip only.
A clone FXO card only cost $15 on ebay.

"Roger" <maxwell.roger at> wrote in message 
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> I'm new to Python and need to do a (low level, I think) telephony
> project ( POTS, all local calling)  in WinXp.
>  1. Fetch phone number from my ASCII data.
>  2. Dial (always a local number) phone (through USRobotics 56K? ).
>  3. Ask @3 questions to called phone number. Y/N   Y/N   Y/N
>  4. Save answers to ASCII file.
>  5. Say 'Thanks', hang up.
>  Repeat till eof()
> And...I've not seen any telephony books in/for Python.  Any and all
> help, suggestions, directions, etc. would be *GREATLY* appreciated.
>   TIA

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