Python for ARM7?

Ken Seehart pythonic at
Tue Sep 13 10:42:28 CEST 2005

Hello.  Where might I find python binaries for ARM7 (Linux 2.4)?

I don't have an ARM7 compiler, and I probably don't have enough disk
space (about 3MB of flash available) for the complete build anyway.

My plan is to just copy the files I need.  This approach seems to work
on Windows XP, where I have a working python executable with the
libraries I need (python.exe, and dependencies), all
in about 1 MB.  The application is basically a web server.

If I absolutely have to build my own python, I would probably use a
cygwin (or maybe linux) cross-compiler for ARM7, but that seems like a
daunting task.  I'd much rather find someone who has already done it who
has the binaries :)

I'm pretty sure the only files I actually need are the python executable
and the _socket shared library.

- Ken

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