Job Offer in Paris, France : R&D Engineer (Plone)

Paul Rubin http
Tue Sep 6 11:31:06 CEST 2005

Huron <huron at> writes:
> > 1) whether there would be legal or procedural obstacles for a
> > non-European wanting to work in Paris for a while; and
> If you are a member of the EU (the netherlands ?), there no such problem on
> our side. Only _you_ would have some paperwork to do.

I'm in the US and have no EU papers.  Still feasible?

> > 2) whether it was mandatory to be able to speak and write in French (I
> > can do so, but very badly for now).
> I would say that it is mandatory to speak a bit and to be willing/able to
> lean ... but this is not _mandatory_ to speak perfectly. This should not
> stop you if you're interested.
> (A test could be : whether or not you understand the position description
> pdf.)

I can understand the main points but I had to figure out some parts
from context.  I had a good French class many years ago and could read
French pretty well at that time, and could converse ok if the other
person was a little bit patient.  I've forgotten most of it since
then, but I expect (or hope) that it would come back.

Another issue: I have most of the qualifications in the pdf (I've been
involved with free software for a long time and am a former FSF staff
member, I'm knowledgeable about web server implementation and web
applications, and I'm pretty good with Python), but I've never used
Zope or Plone.  I do have a strong interest in collaborative web site
implementation but have been wanting to code something with higher
performance than what I see the traditional LAMP architecture as
capable of.

> > I'm sure you will get lots of good French-speaking candidates though.
> Dont be too sure of that ;-) ... and dont hesitate to apply if you are
> interested.

If you still think this, I'd be interested in chatting a little
further.  Does the email address in the pdf go to you?  If not, should
I write you directly?  Can I call on the phone (you can leave me a
number at  Thanks.

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