List of integers & L.I.S.

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Thu Sep 8 19:30:30 CEST 2005

[sp1d3rx at]
> So, this has no real world use, aside from posting it on a website.
> Thanks for wasting our time. You are making up an arbitrary problem and
> asking for a solution, simply because you want to look at the
> solutions, not because your problem needs to be solved. Clearly, this
> is a waste of time.

If investigating algorithms irritates you, ignore it.  The people
writing papers on this topic don't feel it's a waste of time.  For
    "Enumerating Longest Increasing Subsequences and Patience Sorting (2000)"
    Sergei Bespamyatnikh, Michael Segal

That's easy to follow, although their use of a Van Emde-Boas set as a
given hides the most challenging part (the "efficient data structure"

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