PyGTK or wXPython?

Paul McNett p at
Tue Sep 13 22:39:07 CEST 2005

Jarek Zgoda wrote:

> I would use wx, if it wasn't so dog slow on linux. Qt and GTK are much
> faster, but each one has disadvantages. Finally, you get 3 GUI toolkits,
> of which each claims to be "cross-platform", but each is working at
> acceptable level of WTF only on one system (wx on Windows, Qt and GTK on
> linux) and the most appealing (Qt) has no free version for Windows.

I must say, I haven't found wx to be slow on Linux at all. Slow on Mac, 
yes, but faster on Linux than on Windows (and getting much much better 
on Mac). The exception to this is the StyledTextControl, which is by far 
much faster on Windows, and with lots of styled text dog-slow on Linux.

Wx does use the native underlying toolkit for the platform (Qt is 
owner-drawn), which can cause some platform inconsistencies.

Paul McNett

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