Accessing shared library file...

Thomas Jollans nospam at
Fri Sep 16 20:01:48 CEST 2005

Ernesto wrote:
> The .dll file is a shared library file that is associated with a
> programming interface for a semi-conductor chip.  The chip drivers come
> in two different flavors:  One is a .dll (for Windows) and the other is
> a shared library file for Linux.  The name of the Linux file is
> ""  The company that makes these drivers (FTDI) says
> that the API's for both OS's are practically the same (except you
> obviously cannot use WIN32 functions when running on Linux).  I wish I
> knew more about Linux drivers...

on linux, usually *all* library files are stored in dedicated 
directories like /lib /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib you can then acces the 
lib just by 'nameofFile'. example: if you have 
'/usr/lib/' installed, you only need to tell the 
compiler to use the library 'qt-mt'. You can create a seperate lib 
directory for your project, but you probably need to set some 
environment variables for that. I believe pyrex is your friend when 
dealing with C libraries in python.

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