py2exe 0.6.1 released

Thomas Heller theller at
Wed Sep 7 18:01:03 CEST 2005

"Giovanni Bajo" <noway at> writes:

> Thomas Heller wrote:
>>> I tried it using the wx singlefile example, but unfortunately the
>>> resulting executable segfaults at startup (using Python 2.3.3 on
>>> Windows 2000, with latest wxWindows).
>> Yes, I can reproduce that.  I'm still using wxPython for
>> Python
>> 2.3.5, and that combo works.  I have done a few tests, and wxPython
>> also works, while crashes.
> Ah that's fine, then. I thought it was one of those "only in my computer" kind
> of issue :)
>>> How can I debug it?
>> I'll assume that's a serious question.
> Of course it was, I'm not sure why you should doubt it. I was just trying to
> being helpful to you, thinking that it could have been hard to reproduce.
> Luckily, you can look into it yourself.

I wasn't offended ;-).  Debugging the bundled executables is difficult -
because the source file debug info is lost (or at least MSVC isn't able
to access it).  So you end up steppiung through the disassembly.

>> I've done all this, and it seems it is crashing when trying to import
>> _gdi.pyd.  Next would be to debug through _memimported.pyd, but I
>> don't have a debug build of wxPython.
> OK. Do you believe that _memimported.pyd can eventually converge to something
> stable? Emulating LoadLibrary for all versions of Windows is not an easy task
> after all. Wine might provide some insights.

Currently there's no platform specific code in this emulation.  But I
have to admit I don't use win98 any more.
I hope that _memimporter.pyd eventually becomes stable, the new 0.6.2
release contains some important fixes.

For the original problem: the code to load extensions contained in
packages was buggy.  With 0.6.2 the wxPython singlefile sample at least
works wit wxPython + python 2.3.5, and wxPython + Python


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