Python and SMB, again...

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Tue Sep 13 22:39:31 CEST 2005

You might want to take a look at Webdrive (
It does what I "think" you are describing for ftp, http,
https, and WebDAV.

-Larry Bates

Atila Olah wrote:
> On 1997/06/05 Peter Henning wrote:
>>SMB, ldap, imap4rev1
>>Is there an SMB library? I want to be able to access SMB shares
>>from python, or publish shares onto a network neighbourhood from
>>a python server. If anyone has implemented SMB in python, could
>>you point me to the code? Otherwise, would like Samba be a good
>>starting-point for implementing a python SMB module?
> I was wondering if there are any news on this topic... Anyway, I have a
> project to do, and it is about implementing a SMB server on the client
> machine that translates other protocols to SMB (ftp, for example). So,
> for example, the site could be viewed in \\My Network
> Places\FTP Networks (or whatever). There are two posible solutions:
> The first is to implement a SMB server on the client machine. Maybe
> this one is't the most effective way to do this, but anyway, in this
> case I'll need a smb module. If anyone could help me, I'd be glad. If I
> can't do this in Python, and there are other programming languages that
> support this option, please tell me.
> The second option is to create a virtual drive and map the network
> content into it. Even in this case, i can share it only to be visible
> in My Network Places, but it isn't the point. To create a virtual
> drive, I have to study the partition table of virtual drives, and even
> then, I know only one virtual drive module,  in C. But I'd be happy if
> you coud tell me something useful on this option.
> Anyway, if you know a third option, that is better than these, or if
> you think you know, wich one of these is better, just let me know. This
> is the harder part of my project and I can't get out of it. It is a
> simple cross-platform file sharing protocol for my mature exam work.
> The linux-part is done, so all I need is to do the Windows stuff. I'm
> new in Windows programming, and I'm helpless, so any ideas are
> welcome...

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