OpenSource documentation problems

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Thu Sep 1 21:05:25 CEST 2005

"Rocco Moretti" <roccomoretti at> wrote in message 
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> There is just one giant roadblock to that suggestion - Sourceforge
> requires a login to post bugs/patches.

After reading this and the rest of your post, and remembering others like 
it, I decided this maybe is a real point.  Remembering that the site 
invited emailed doc comments, I rechecked the About this Document page 
referenced at the bottom of each doc page and found the following:

"General comments and questions regarding this document should be sent by 
email to docs at If you find specific errors in this document, 
either in the content or the presentation, please report the bug at the 
Python Bug Tracker at SourceForge."

So I emailed a general suggestion (with specific wording ;-) that error 
reports also be allowed via email -- and quoted your post to explain why.

Terry J. Reedy

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