ANN: SIP v4.3 Released

Phil Thompson phil at
Sun Sep 4 15:42:42 CEST 2005

Riverbank Computing is pleased to announce the release of SIP v4.3 available 

SIP is a tool for generating Python modules that wrap C or C++ libraries.  It 
is similar to SWIG.  It is used to generate PyQt and PyKDE.  Full 
documentation is available at

SIP is licensed under the Python License and runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux and 
MacOS/X.  SIP requires Python v2.3 or later (SIP v3.x is available to support 
earlier versions of Python).

This release includes the following changes:

- Python's cyclic garbage collector is fully supported
- support for mapping between Python and C++ exceptions
- support for __pos__ and __abs__
- the support for accessing C structure members has been greatly improved
- C structures can have constructors and destructors defined so that they can
  be made to behave more Pythonically.

Other features of SIP include:

- support for Python new-style classes
- generated modules are quick to import, even for large libraries
- support for Qt's signal/slot mechanism
- thread support
- the ability to re-implement C++ abstract and virtual methods in Python
- the ability to define Python classes that derive from abstract C++ classes
- the ability to spread a class hierarchy across multiple Python modules
- support for C++ namespaces
- support for C++ exceptions
- support for C++ operators
- an extensible build system written in Python that supports over 50
  platform/compiler combinations.

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