Launching Python programs from Linux shell script

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Tue Sep 13 18:34:09 CEST 2005

Ernesto wrote:
> Thanks!  How do you add Python in Linux to the path? 

This works out of the box in most modern Linux distributions.

If you're open to suggestions, I'd suggest that you have a
look at Ubuntu. It's a user friendly Linux distribution with
rather close ties to the Python community.

Anyway, if Python is installed in a non-standard location on
your machine, you might need to set up two things:

PATH to the directory containing the python binary.
PYTHONPATH to the directories containing Python modules and

How to do this has nothing to do with Python, it just depends
on what shell(s) you use in Linux, and this is frankly not the
forum for that.

See e.g. and for more about PATH
and PYTHONPATH--actually, it might be a good idea to read the
whole tutorial if you're a beginner.

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