Python in XCode - autoindent?

Jeffrey E. Forcier jforcier at
Mon Sep 19 18:06:15 CEST 2005

Hoping at least some of you use XCode...

In futzing with PyObjC and Cocoa programming on my Mac, I've come to
know XCode a little better, and am considering switching to it from my
existing editor (TextMate). However, it appears to lack your typical
auto-indenting that I'm sure most of you also find indispensable, e.g.
hitting Return after a 'def', 'class', 'if' etc results in an automatic

Has anyone found a way to get this working? Google's not helping, and
while XCode does have intendation preferences, they either don't work
for Python syntax (even though the CodeSense, highlighting and so forth
work fine with the language) or I've still got something set wrong.


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