Python versus Perl

Dieter Vanderelst dieter.vanderelst at
Tue Sep 6 19:03:36 CEST 2005

Dear all,

I'm currently comparing Python versus Perl to use in a project that 
involved a lot of text processing. I'm trying to determine what the most 
efficient language would be for our purposes. I have to admit that, 
although I'm very familiar with Python, I'm complete Perl noob (and I 
hope to stay one) which is reflected in my questions.

I know that the web offers a lot of resources on Python/Perl 
differences. But I couldn't find a satisfying answer to my questions:

1 - How does the speed of execution of Perl compares to that of Python?

2 - Regular Expressions are a valuable tool in text processing. I have 
noticed that Regular Expressions are executed very fast in Python. Does 
anybody know whether Python executes RE faster than Perl does?

3 - In my opinion Python is very well suited for text processing. Does 
Perl have any advantages over Python in the field of textprocessing 
(like a larger standard library maybe).

I hope somebody can answer my questions. Of course, every remark and tip 
on Python/Perl in texprocessing is most welcome.

With kind regards,

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