Replacement for lambda - 'def' as an expression?

Robert Kern rkern at
Tue Sep 6 22:51:23 CEST 2005

talin at acm dot org wrote:
> I like the decorator idea. Unfortunately, the version of Python I am
> using is pre-decorator, and there are various issues involved in
> upgrading on Mac OS X (due to the built-in Python 2.3 being used by the
> OS itself.) I'll have to look into how to upgrade without breaking too
> much...

There really aren't any issues. The official 2.4.1 binary installs
alongside the built-in 2.3. The executables python{,w,2.4,w2.4} are
installed the /usr/local/bin . Under no circumstances should you have to
replace the built-in 2.3. Indeed, under no circumstances should you
replace it at all.

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