ANN: PyTrilinos (wrapper for parallel linear algebra)

beliavsky at beliavsky at
Mon Sep 19 23:16:27 CEST 2005

PyTrilinos is a Python wrapper for the Trilinos linear algebra library.
It is described at and
in more detail in the PDF file at that site.

It was just announced on NA Digest. I have not tried it myself. Here
are some quotes from the Trilinos site.

"The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop and implement robust
parallel algorithms using modern object-oriented software design, while
still leveraging the value of established numerical libraries such as
PETSc, Aztec, the BLAS and LAPACK. It emphasizes abstract interfaces
for maximum flexibility of component interchanging, and provides a
full-featured set of concrete classes that implement all abstract


"PyTrilinos is a set of Python wrappers for selected Trilinos packages.
This allows a python programmer to dynamically import Trilinos packages
into a python script or the python command-line interpreter, allowing
the creation and modification of Trilinos objects and the execution of
Trilinos algorithms, without the need to constantly recompile."

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