Plotting points to screen

jay graves jaywgraves at
Mon Sep 26 21:31:59 CEST 2005

I've used both pygame and PIL for this in the past.  (i'm plotting a
non-standard 3d data format from a in-house app)
Pygame was nice because I put a key handler in to reload the file and
do a little zooming/panning and when I wanted to save a particular plot
I would just use a screen capture program.
Then I upgraded my harddrive and didn't re-install PyGame. The next
time I had to plot some data, I tweaked my script to use PIL.  I ended
up liking this solution better.  I could easily create large images
(bigger than physical screen which was a limiting factor in PyGame) and
used a regular image viewer to pan and shrink/zoom.  I had the drawing
portions of my script well separated from the data parsing and
manipulation so tweaking the script was simple.

YMMV, but PIL was the best way for me.

jay graves

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