Newbie Question on ctypes

Efrat Regev efrat_regev at
Wed Sep 21 08:21:06 CEST 2005


   (I apologize in advance if I'm posting to the wrong group. If so, 
could you please instruct me which is appropriate?)

   I'm trying to use uTidyLib, HTML-tidy's python binding. When I

import tidy

   Python says it can't import ctypes. Since I'm using FC4, I looked for 
a FC4 ctypes rpm. All I could find, however, were buildlog errors for 
ctypes on FC4.
   My question is, therefore, if I can build ctypes locally. I tried

rpm -i python-ctypes-0.9.1-1.rf.src.rpm

   but that didn't seem to work (python still couldn't import ctypes).

   Thanks in advance for all answers. I should point out that I'm not an 
expert in python or linux (in the combination, alas, even less).



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