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Tue Sep 6 18:32:20 CEST 2005

On Mon, 5 Sep 2005 22:48:19 +0200, billiejoex <billiejoex at> wrote:
>> there are "noob" questions and there are uneducated questions, yours
>> are of the latter ( actually yours are STATEMENTS not questions ), and
>> just trolling for what it is worth, if you would take the time to read
>> what Python is and why it is you would not be asking these "questions".
> I'm really sorry man. I didn't wanted to be uneducated, believe me.
> I wrote fastly, I'm new in Python and probably for my language problems I 
> didn't expressed concepts properly.

I didn't think they were uneducated, they were good questions.
At least if one understands that the problem is that the /end user/
percieves a problem.

I hope people are less hesitant to install "interpreted" applications today
than they were ten years ago.

I also believe it's better to convince the end user to install Python before
installing the application[1], rather than to try to sneak in an interpreter
with py2exe or something -- an interpreter which the end user cannot update,
manage or use for other things.


[1] Might be hard to convince people who have ever installed a Java
    interpreter -- when I do that on Windows, I usually break at least one
    existing Java application, and I usually get a whole lot of useless
    desktop icons, a funny thing in the system tray, etc.

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