Python installation root directory problem

Matt Leslie matthewleslie at [EDITME-HOTMAIL].com
Thu Sep 22 19:30:10 CEST 2005

Further diggingappears to show this is an instance of the problem documented 

Running msiexec with logging revealed the following lines:

MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property X
MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property TARGETDIR
MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property DLLDIR
MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property USERNAME
MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property COMPANYNAME
MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property SOURCEDIR
MSI (s) (48:F8) [18:15:47:990]: Ignoring disallowed property ROOTDRIVE

Values were not being passed from the UI to the actual installation script 
as they were untrusted. This can be resolved as described in the link above 
by using SecureCustomProperties.  I have therefore submitted this to the 
sourceforge bug tracker.


"Matt Leslie" <matthewleslie@[EDITME-HOTMAIL].com> wrote in message 
news:dgujtr$rlm$1 at
> Hi,
> I am trying to install python 2.4.1 on a windows XP machine. Whether I 
> choose to install 'for me' or 'for all users, and no matter where I select 
> as the root directory, the installer always puts the python root in C:\, 
> which is obviously a bit messy.
> I am running this instalaltion as a slightly restricted non-administrative 
> user, but I can create the C:\Python24 directory that I specified in the 
> installation program and put files in it, so I do not think this can be 
> the reason the installer fails. I have uninstalled python and deleted all 
> references to it in the registry, then reinstalled, and experienced the 
> same effect.
> Does anyone have any ideas what this might be?
> Thanks,
>        Matt

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