some advice about Python GUI apps

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Wed Sep 14 13:26:11 CEST 2005


I am writing a program in Python and I am using wx.Python for the GUI.
I have no prior GUI and Python experience so that's why I turn to the
specialists for aid.
Basically, my app is a wx.tree object with items. You can click on each
item and set some properties of the item (Pydata). To set the
properties of an item you click on the item and then a 'Set item
properties' window pops up.
However, I am looking for a way that you can only open 1 property
window per item. If I click on an item the 'Set item properties'
windows open but when I return to the tree window and select the same
item, I can open an additional 'set properties' window. This leads to
all kind of C++ errors because these properties windows seems to
interfere for some reason. I don't have enough OO/Python/GUI knowledge
yet to fully understand what actually happens.
Basically, what I want is that when you want to open an items property
window and the window is alread open that in stead of opening a new
window, the window the is already open pops to the foreground. Any
ideay how I can implement this.

Another solution would be to start the properties windows in a
'synchronous' mode, meaning that if this window is open, that you can't
manipulate the tree window anymore (~like in Word when you open the
'open file' window, you can't edit your doc until you this window is
closed again).

I hope this makes some sense.

Any help much appreciated.


Ps.: any refs to good OO/Python GUI books are also welcome (or URLs)

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