Ode to python

liquidbinary at gmail.com liquidbinary at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 05:08:35 CEST 2005

*Organized Chaos*

I crafted your purpose one line at a time.
No other creation shall be like your kind.

Boolean values fire connections.
High level logic from your inception.

I partitioned your system into functions of selfdom.
Artificial neurons thread together to bond them.

Not one routine shall be introspectively seen by another.
For I tell you, only a value shall be returned from its brother.

I encapsulate your fate into objects of state.
Confused? Wait. I've flow charts to show how they relate.

Abolish all globals, and all mutinous variables.
Embed precious methods in organized crucibles.

Polymorphism provides an element of evolution.
Shifting and shaping to evolve a solution.

Drink java? Good, maintain your work flow.
Use java? Get burned like lava, for it moves just as slow.

Python or C? C is simply a pawn.
Venomous problem? Pythons squeeze and constrict, until the problem is

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