Why doesn't IDLE editor windows have horizontal scrollbars?

D H no at spam
Sat Sep 17 19:41:33 CEST 2005

chuck wrote:
> Well I don't want to start yet another thread on IDE's.  I've googled
> and all of that an am aware of most of the IDE's that are out there.  I
> am curious if there is someplace where statistics have been captured on
> what IDE's most people are using.  Since IDLE ships with Python I
> assume a lot of people use it.  I've been a PythonWin user for years
> but it has shortcomings, isnt' being developed further and doesn't run
> on FreeBSD, my other platform.

I like the JEdit editor, which is free and cross-platform ( 
http://www.jedit.org/ ), and for the interpreter if you ever use that, 
there is the normal console (cmd.exe in windows) or see also IPython. 
There is also a console plugin for JEdit.

But if you want a more full-featured IDE with project management, etc., 
there is a Python addin for the Eclipse IDE called pydev I believe.  I 
haven't tried it myself though.

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