python-dev Summary for 2005-08-01 through 2005-08-15

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Thu Sep 15 05:00:16 CEST 2005

Steve Tregidgo wrote:
> on 2005-08-30 01:45 Tony Meyer said the following:
>> [The HTML version of this Summary is available at
> ...
>> Many revision control systems were extensively discussed, including
>> `Subversion`_ (SVN), `Perforce`_, `Mercurial`_, and `Monotone`_.  
>> Whichever
>> system is moved to, it should be able to be hosted somewhere (if
>> *, then it needs to be easily installable),
> ...
> Take a look at the HTML version of this summary -- there's some oddness, 
> possibly caused by the asterisk above.  After the paragraph ending 
> "appropriate", we get this, linked by the asterisk:
> System Message: WARNING/2 (./, line 65); backlink
> Inline emphasis start-string without end-string.

Thanks for the pair of eyes.  Brett Cannon kindly fixed that for us.


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