Crypto.Cipher.ARC4, bust or me doing something wrong?

Michael Sparks michaels at
Wed Sep 21 09:23:58 CEST 2005

Michael J. Fromberger wrote:
> Since ARC4 is a stream cipher, the keystream changes over time -- with
> ARC4, after each character enciphered.  To decrypt successfully, you
> need to make sure the decrypting keystream exactly matches the
> encrypting one.
>>>> from Crypto.Cipher import ARC4 as cipher
>>>> enc ="abcdefgh")
>>>> dec ="abcdefgh")
>>>> x = enc.encrypt("This is some random text")
>>>> x
> "\x05o\xd5XH|\xa4\xfc\xf7z\xecd\xe92\xfb\x05rR'\xbf\xc0F\xfc\xde"
>>>> y = dec.decrypt(x)
>>>> y
> 'This is some random text'
>>>> enc.decrypt(x)
> 'M|[bI\x1ciG6A]\x13Hz\xb0\x19\xca\xf1-\x9a\x1a2\x9e%'
> I hope this helps clear up your confusion.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for this, much appreciated. 

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