Open source Web testing tool - cPAMIE 1.6b released

calfdog at calfdog at
Wed Sep 7 14:32:06 CEST 2005

I am pleased to announce version cPAMIE 1.6 the Web automation tool for
Internet explorer.

If your looking for a fast way, easy to learn way to drive your browser
check out PAMIE.

Is PAMIE right for you?, depends on your needs and complexity of the
web application. Pamie can take care of the basic needs such as driving
web forms without a problem.

Been used to test and/or drive Dot Net and Java web applications.
can be combined with other opensource tools such as JMeter for
performance testing.

New Features:

* WriteScript method that writes out pamie scripts
* Frame Support
* Fixes for bugs related to XP sp2
* Get and Set methods for manipulating most controls. For example you
can set and/or get the values of textboxes, listboxes, radiobuttons,
tables, textarea's, checkboxes etc...
* Click methods for buttons, tree objects and links
* Fire Event methods
* Ability to parameterize data and drive data with add-on DataDriver
* Manipulate existing or new Browser windows (not modal dialogs)using
find window method.

* Use with pythons's PyUnit (unittest) for a complete web testing

To Do:
* Better Support for modal/non-modal type dialogs
* Threading to be addded.

Questions - email me: calfdog at

Rob M.

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