PEP 350: Codetags

Tom Anderson twic at
Tue Sep 27 01:28:03 CEST 2005

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005, Micah Elliott wrote:

> Please read/comment/vote.  This circulated as a pre-PEP proposal 
> submitted to on August 10, but has changed quite a bit since 
> then.  I'm reposting this since it is now "Open (under consideration)" 
> at <>.

Seems generally fine to me; i'm not the best person to comment, though, 
since it's highly unlikely i'll use them.

I did notice one thing that is sort of wrong, though:

:Objection: *WorkWeek* is an obscure and uncommon time unit.

:Defense: That's true but it is a highly suitable unit of granularity
     for estimation/targeting purposes, and it is very compact.  The
     `ISO 8601`_ is widely understood but allows you to only specify
     either a specific day (restrictive) or month (broad).

Actually, ISO 8601 includes a week notation. Have a read of this:

Which explains that you can write things like 2005-W20 to mean the 20th 
week of 2005, and ISO won't send you to hell for it.


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