1 Million users.. I can't Scale!!

Michael Schneider michaelschneider at fuse.net
Thu Sep 29 02:13:52 CEST 2005

I would need to get a better picture of your app.

I use a package called twisted to handle large scale computing
on multicore, and multi-computer problems


Hope this is useful,

yoda wrote:
> Hi guys,
> My situation is as follows:
> 1)I've developed a service that generates content for a mobile service.
> 2)The content is sent through an SMS gateway (currently we only send
> text messages).
> 3)I've got a million users (and climbing).
> 4)The users need to get the data a minimum of 5 seconds after it's
> generated. (not considering any bottlenecks external to my code).
> 5)Generating the content takes 1 second.
> I'm considering moving to stackless python so that I can make use of
> continuations so that I can open a massive number of connections to the
> gateway and pump the messages out to each user simultaneously.(I'm
> thinking of 1 connection per user).
> My questions therefore are:
> 1)Should I switch to stackless python or should I carry out experiments
> with mutlithreading the application?
> 2)What architectural suggestions can you give me?
> 3)Has anyone encountered such a situation before? How did you deal with
> it?
> 4)Lastly, and probably most controversial: Is python the right language
> for this? I really don't want to switch to Lisp, Icon or Erlang as yet.
> I really need help because my application currently can't scale. Some
> user's end up getting their data 30 seconds after generation(best case)
> and up to 5 minutes after content generation.  This is simply
> unacceptable.  The subscribers deserve much better service if my
> startup is to survive in the market.

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