graphical or flow charting design aid for python class development?

William Gill noreply at
Thu Sep 1 05:14:46 CEST 2005

gene tani wrote:
> Have you looked at class browser module?  Not the graphical tool you're
> looking for, but maybe a good start

No, it's not graphical, but it looks like I may be able to use it to put 
together a nice outline, or summary of my modules.  It's worth 
exploring, thanks.


> William Gill wrote:
>>Being somewhat new to Python, and having a tendency to over complicate
>>things in my class design, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a
>>simple graphical or flowcharting tool that they use to organize their
>>class and program  design?  Because of a 55 mph head-on accident a few
>>years back, I have short term memory problems, so flipping back and
>>forth between pages of code is next to impossible for me to keep
>>straight.  A simple graphical model  would allow me to 'see' everything
>>in one view, and better organize my resulting code. I have had limited
>>success using pydoc to view my classes, but it's not really much help in
>>development, just review, and sometimes there is too much info.
>>I have used editors for other languages that allow the view to expand
>>and collapse functions/methods (like message threads here on the board),
>>which help, but I haven't seen anything like this for python.
>>Thanks for any suggestions.

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