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Alan Meyer ameyer2 at
Wed Sep 14 18:52:12 CEST 2005

"Harlin Seritt" <harlinseritt at> wrote in message 
news:1126708775.608076.106850 at
> Hi,
> Is anyone aware of an available open-source/free search engine app
> (something similar to HTDig) written in Python that is out there?
> Googling has turned up nothing. Thought maybe I'd mine some of you
> guys' minds on this.
> thanks,
> Harlin Seritt
> Internet Villa:

I'm not aware of such a thing.

I stand ready to be corrected, but I think Python would not be a
good language for writing search engines.  In the ones I've written
for custom projects - in C or PL/1, it has been necessary to
perform very high speed operations on highly compressed binary
structures - which is not Python's forte.

You might be able to put a Python interface over an engine written
in another language.


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