fully-qualified namespaces?

Michael Hoffman cam.ac.uk at mh391.invalid
Mon Sep 12 18:51:56 CEST 2005

Lenny G. wrote:

> Hippo/
>   __init__.py
>   Crypto.py
>   Potamus.py
> And inside Crypto.py, I need to access python-crypto's Crypto.Hash
> package.  Inside Potamus.py, I need to access Hippo.Crypto, e.g.,
> Hippo/
>   __init__.py
>   Crypto.py        # wants to import python-crypto's Crypto.Hash
>   Potamus.py       # wants to import Hippo's Crypto
> Can I do this?  Crypto.py can't seem to access python-crypto's Crypto
> namespace, because it's own namespace takes precendence.  I tried using
> the renaming trick inside of Crypto.py, but it still can't find the
> original python-crypto Crypto.  Maybe there's something I can do in the
> __init__.py?  Maybe something with __path__?  Is there a better way to
> access namespaces from the module files themselves?

The *best* way would surely be to rename Hippo/Crypto.py to something 
else. This will save you some grief.

If you wanted to load based on filenames, you can use the imp module in 
the stdlib.
Michael Hoffman

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