Removing duplicates from a list

Thomas Guettler niemand.leermann at
Wed Sep 14 13:56:55 CEST 2005

Am Wed, 14 Sep 2005 04:38:35 -0700 schrieb Rubinho:

> I've a list with duplicate members and I need to make each entry
> unique.
> I've come up with two ways of doing it and I'd like some input on what
> would be considered more pythonic (or at least best practice).

> mylist = set(mylist)
> mylist = list(mylist)
> Converting to a set drops all the duplicates and converting back to a
> list, well, gets it back to a list which is what I want.
> I can't imagine one being much faster than the other except in the case
> of a huge list and mine's going to typically have less than 1000
> elements.  
> What do you think?  


I would use "set":



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